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About Me
About Me

In 1991 I came to the US from Indonesia to work. Landed in New York City. Live in Queens, Woodside. By the time I got here, my job was already gone. Why? Because the Visa process to get into the US took so long. Oh, bummer.

So I went to Chinatown in Manhattan looking for a job. Paid the Chinese agency around $70-$80 that time. Got a job in Chinese food delivery in Manhattan. Broadway and 107th Street.

The first week got robbed. $350 was gone that night. Beaten up on the street and almost got hit by a car. Because that street was almost no light. Riding a bike to do the job. Went to Police station to report the incident and waste my time all the way until 2:00 AM in the morning. Just a few blocks away from Central Park. Well, I said to myself, “Welcome to NY!”

The second week, got another one. This time was inside the building. By the time I opened the door, somebody pushes me back in with a big knife in his hand. That building was across the street from the Central Park. Only 3-4 story high. Not big building. I run back into the building all the way to the top. On the way, I knocked every single door, NOBODY opened the door and help me. Well, this is New York City in 1991!

After that 2 weeks, I quit that job. Not long I got another job quiet close by my apartment. Just around the corner. Photo developing company called Photo Expert. Walking distant. Nice! I work there until 1995.

In 1996 I moved to Pittsburgh. Got a job with a friend in New York. Her brother just opened a new Sushi restaurant. Sushi Too is the name of that restaurant in Walnut St, Shadyside. They thought me how to make sushi. So I worked there until 2000. Quit. No social life. Went back to school study for Networking and Web Design. Graduate in 2002 as an Honor Student. Looking for a job. Got one as part-time. Only 4 hours a week, $10/hr. Tried to make money online. No luck!

Finally, I had to go back to work at Sushi restaurant again. The different restaurant though. Part-time restaurant, and delivery newspaper in the morning and afternoon paper. Has about 300-morning paper and 4000 papers in the afternoon. I worked like that almost 7 years. Quit and then 2009 start driving Yellow Cab. While I drive with Yellow Cab also do online to make money on the side. Not much. Still, the most money I made was from Yellow Cab as a cab driver.

In 2013 bought a domain name under my name: Tried to build the blog with WordPress. Make little bit money from Google Adwords. And not long after that got banned from Google. What a bummer. Bought another domain name in 2016: for Web hosting.

Right now I’m in journey how to make money online with the program called Partners to Success. I hope I can post it on blog step that I took on this journey and hopefully the successful one.